Pianos are quite complex  and have  been built in  all  sizes , shapes and designs since the instrument was invented in the late 18 century. Each maker has  its own design, all with  particular specifications and tolerances to be adjusted accordingly. To help with quotations its  helpful to send me a few pics or even a  short clip so I can see ,and hear?! the state of your piano .. Also  very helpful to know your location so I can work out a trajectory to get to it in my weekly schedules.

For an Initial service call out expect to pay $220-$300 (inc 10% gst)  depending on state I find the instrument. I like to do a thorough job on my first visit and do  what is necessary in the timeslot of ~ 1-2 hours  depending on its state .This visit would involve tuning to concert pitch( or a pitch below if its an older instrument that is struggling with the  string tension).. plus time permitting , any attention needed to  strings /tuning pins /hammer felts / action / keyboard/ pedals  /  cleaning etc . If more time is needed then a second visit will need to be scheduled to complete.

All piano tuners will  recommend a regular annual tuning for most pianos ($200 or less for more than one piano in the same location. i.e. schools .) The reason being that  leaving it longer  will only mean I will need to spend more time  tuning to keep it stable, ie  to  bring it back up to pitch, plus in an older piano’s case , the greater  and unfortunate probability  of string breakage in the  process. 

 Badly  neglected pianos – Firstly  I must assess the viability of restoration of  any really neglected pianos – the old family heirloom that no one has played in years , the give- away orphan that no one wants anymore etc .Im happy to do a pre-visit quotation for free if I’m in the area between other jobs .

Pre- purchase advice Free service with a smile!!

In my 38 year’s of experience, I have by now seen most makes and models of pianos, and know their design strengths, flaws and ageing characteristics. I’m happy to guide you through the process in buying a good piano within your budget,  and to organise its safe transport to your home . I enjoy the process of sourcing an instrument that  both you will love  to play and I will love to  tune!

Please let me appraise any instrument you are thinking of buying (or being offered for free) BEFORE you say yes to it and lug it to your house. Its  so frustratingly sad when people get something home and call me to  tune it only to then find out that its untunable to correct pitch or even at all. 




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