If you tune your piano each year , it will cost ~$180. takes me 1-1.5 hours to complete.

I tune the piano to the best of my ability , clean the keys , vaccuum out dust etc ,adjust the pedals and rectify  any other smaller issues  eg odd sticky keys or “ringing on” notes  Missing  or broken strings are a bit of a fiddle , so extra cost $15 treble up to $40 for the larger  bass wound strings. Missing or  loose ivory keytops also allow a bit extra to repair but Im  way cheaper than the dentist promise !

If you leave it longer , there is more tuning and work inside to do , so expect a bit more , say ~$220-$250

If its been ages, cant remember etc and its really flat , needs repairs , Ill  probably need a good few hours in the day to sort it all out , perhaps a follow up visit as well . These jobs I like to see first to give a proper evaluation of it deemed worthy to do and quote  on them first.

If you live far from me then I like to line up a few jobs and share extra travel cost between those involved.

If you are financially stretched, then I accept payment in 2 instalments over a month period if it helps.


1/ Tuning to A- 440hz concert pitch where possible. If not possible then to a tension the

piano will hold pitch.

2/  Minor action and pedal adjustments.

3/  Cleaning of  keys and cabinet, vacuum out dust etc.


Repairs – sticking keys, broken strings, broken hammers, loose key – tops, squeaky pedals



Piano action regulating and hammer voicing:


This is required when a piano presents a sloppy action, bad repetition, poor tone etc .

$90 p/hour cost depends on time needed. A quote is given before proceeding.


“Hard times pianos” – “verandah pianos”- “granny’s old piano that’s hasn’t been tuned in years” etc. 


I need  to inspect and quote on these first. Sometimes you may be lucky and with a day

or two of my time it’s possible to bring such a piano back into a usable state. If I don’t

think a piano will hold its tune due to structural problems then it is false economy to

throw money to fix it up. Best kept as a nice piece of furniture or sadly send to piano


There’s still a few pianos of good quality out there needing new homes.  My opinion is

highly recommended when purchasing in order to avoid buying a dud.

Check local piano dealers or the Gumtree site in your area. I can provide advice on any

piano you see or hear about and can help you choose a really good one!


Major Rebuilding.


This work includes restringing (bass or total), hammer /damper felt replacement. Key

-top replacement , cabinet refinishing etc. These sorts of jobs often require the piano or

its innards to be taken away and restored in my workshop.


Preferred payment options:


Private clients – EFT transfer – on the day/ cheque /cash.

Business and institutions –  30 days account.

Students and pensioners – payment in two installments.





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