Servicing and Repairs to all  pianos.

Hobart and regional Tasmania, with annual  mid -year trips to  Northern Territory.

 Based predominantly  in Tasmania, and since 2006 has expanded clientele to Darwin  N.T, where he visits each dry season (June-September), being the most favourable months for pianos to receive their annual tuning.

Martin has  built up a large client base in both locations , tuning   and servicing  pianos  for the UTAS Conservatorium ,Charles Darwin University  and  for numerous  venues schools and churches at both ends of the country .  Ask around and his name will come up as someone to rely on for excellence in service and for friendly experienced advice in all piano technical matters.


 “I  took up piano lessons as a kid ,  advancing  up though all the classical grades to A.Mus.A standard, performing in the local Eisteddfords, and  winning a few prizes along the way. The piano tuner back then used to come around to tune as best he could our old family  piano , with myself looking on in awe at all the moving parts. Later as a teenager I started myself pulling the front off the piano – Pianos have  really intrigued me and have moulded my life and career, both as a professional musician , and as a piano tuner. 


  My first job after leaving school  in 1983 was found  in a local  antique shop specializing in musical instruments including pianos where I was trained in various crafts, including French polishing . This  led the following year  to  acceptance (one of 6) into the  Piano tuning and Technology  course run at the NSW Conservatorium . A rigorous  training on modern pianos , with a concentration on tuning by ear,  fine regulation voicing, repairs and  piano rebuilding practices. My par -excellence teacher and mentor  being an Armenian  concert  piano technician ,Ara Vartoukian , who now runs the prestigious “Theme and Variations'” piano business in Sydney .”

EXPERIENCE  38 years.  -“Since graduation I started my own  tuning /repair business in Hobart Tas.  I look back now seeing my   profession  as one of constant learning , although  I feel Ive just about seen it all by now.” 

My  experience has also been enhanced with the  sharing of ideas with fellow piano technicians  in the field and picking up invaluble  ‘tricks of the trade’ through attendance at  seminars and conventions run by the Australasian Piano Tuners and Technicians Association (APTTGA)  – member since 2011.

Whether working on concert grand pianos for a virtuoso piano artist’s recital  , or for say  an on- site    ressurrection of  a neglected piano in someone’s backyard shed , I feel both competent and comfortable  in any situation I am called in for. I carry  to every job an comprehensive kit of specialized  tools, parts, glues and lubricants to handle  all the fiddly repairs and tricky problems that I may comes across, especially with older instruments, being a specialist in such  and my passionate interest.




Martin is a member of  Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild of Victoria

He is an accredited YAMAHA warranty service technician.


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